On which devices can I play the game?

The game can be played on desktop devices (Windows, OS, Linux).  You need a browser and speakers for the game. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

When will my game code expire?

Activation codes have no expiration date. We guarantee at least 6 months of validity for the codes (starting from the day of purchase).

How does it work? 

After your purchase you will receive an email which includes S4MP0 - Part 1: Uprising website address and your unique license code to activate the game. After activation you are ready to play and the game will tell you what to do!

Can I play the game multiple times?

The game can be played from start to finish once with one code.

Can I play with friends online or just alone?

Definitely both! Activate the game with your license code and play over Facetime, Hangouts, Zoom or whatever your favourite online hang-out spot is. Or if you like to play just yourself activate the game and you are ready to join the lines of Takojat! 

How long does it take?

You should expect about 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. Quicker teams might be done in about 90 minutes.

Can we take breaks?

You sure can! Take as long as you want. You can continue from where you left off in case you want to play it in parts. If you close the browser during the game, you need to enter your game code and team name to continue.

How many can play at once?

That is entirely up to you but we recommend the game for 1-5 players. After that it can get a bit unwieldy.

Can I get hints during the game?

Absolutely! We built a hint system which you can find inside the game.

Can we use multiple devices?

The game interface must be used on one device, but you can use other devices for searching information.

Are special skills or knowledge needed?

You can use Google during your game, no special knowledge or skills are needed. ;)

 Can I buy a code for S4MP0 as a gift?

Of course! After the purchase you can download a brief game info and a gift card for the receiver here: https://www.wayout.fi/en-gb/digitalescape-gameinfo

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