Game Info

S4MP0 - Part 1: Uprising is a digital escape game for desktop devices.

Solve the riddles and dive into the world of S4MP0 alone or with friends. Approximately 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. Suitable for players +15 years.


What you need for playing?

  •  A desktop device
  •  Internet connection and a browser
  •  Speakers
  •  A game code that you'll recieve in an e-mail upon purchase
  •  One game code allows one game from start to finish for one group

Tips for the best experience:

There are audio clues so make sure audio is turned on on your device.

You can cast the game to your tv by using Google Chrome + Chromecast or connect with HDMI-cable. Recommended especially for bigger groups.

Use pen and paper or a digital notepad for notes.

When playing with friends using a video chat service, use speakers instead of headphones on the device you are using to navigate the game interface.

Feel free to google things during the game!

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